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Monday, 14 July 2014 15:04

Latta's Inhabitants Fight For Their Openly Lesbian Police Chief

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Crystal Moore


The inhabitants of Latta, a small town in South Carolina, rebelled against their mayor following the dismissal of the openly lesbian police chief Crystal Moore.

“In her blue police uniform and silver badge … She checked on sick people, made sure residents had heat and shelter during a February ice storm and was the resource officer at the local high school. She volunteered at the annual Christmas in the Park pageant and at the Haunted Forest Halloween festival,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

That is why the 1,400 inhabitants of the city did not appreciate that Mayor Earl Bullard has fired Moore last April condemning her lifestyle as "questionable."

According to the Washington Times, in a conversation released to reporters after Moore was fired, the mayor said: “I’d much rather have somebody who drank and drank too much taking care of my child than I had somebody whose lifestyle is questionable around children, because that ain’t the damn way it’s supposed to be.”

Crystal’s sexuality has never even been talked about — nobody cares,” Janette W. Dupree, the town’s municipal judge, told the Times. “We see her as just Crystal. She’s loved and respected, and she’s very, very good at her job.”

Yet, 8 years ago, the inhabitants of that city approved the amendment banning marriage equality in the state of South Carolina.

Last week, the town council held a referendum to or not to support Moore and thus oppose the one they elected as the city's chief. By a 328-147 vote, the Latta's council largely show its support for Moore!

But that's not all! As reported the Washington Times, the town council set up an election that would strip the mayor of his power and give them more authority, including the ability to hire the police chief.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Collins


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