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Friday, 18 November 2011 17:57

Lesbian Coach Fired By Life School

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Nikki Williams

History and girl's basketball coach, openly lesbian, Nikki Williams, was fired by Life School in Waxahachie, Texas probably because of her sexual orientation.

The parents support her like Tiniqua Smith who has a daughter who attends the school.

"She's always offered them the utmost respect, she's offered parents the utmost respect she has done everything possible to get the girls to be able to have a winning season something they haven't experienced before," she said.

"I think that her being gay has nothing to do with her coaching skills. She has not tried to push this off on the kids, and I don't feel that it should be a problem."

In spite of petitions, she having been already replaced by someone else.

Her mother said that "they just wanted to understand why someone that the girls loved so much and the students cared for so much why she was let go."

"The only reason that they gave was that their code of ethics and their standards of excellency and they said that basically that my daughter didn't stand up to that," she added.

According to The33tv, Trina Williams says her daughter is saddened over this but she will bounce back.

"She's worked very hard to get to this point in her life and it's heartbreaking to see something like this happen to her," Williams said.


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