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Lesbian Couple Sues Their Neighbor For Hate Crime

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A lesbian couple decided to sue their neighbor for hate crime after their house was set fire to and that the word “queer” was written on their garage.

Carol Ann and Laura Stutte from Vonore, TN saw their house reduced in ashes in Last September. Afterwards, they discovered the word “queer” written on their garage.

According to them, this neighbor would have said that "the only thing better than one dead queer is two dead queers."

Really nice neighbor...

Tuesday, they decided to launch a procedure against him for hate crime.

This fire was only the conclusion of a history which goes up since they moved in the house in 2005. Indeed, this nice neighbor did not stop badgering them. As a big pervert, he also enter on their property without authorization and would have even observed the couple by their windows report document of the police which never arrested him.

According to WbirWbir, when the neighbor was close to the Stuttes, they would say things such as they could have "killed them right then" and "there's bodies in these hills that no one will ever find."

The neighbor also said Carol and Laura that he had friends in the police force which would ensure he would ever be caught.

I don't write the details concerning the dogs of the couple and an insulin pump.

The couple had decided after 5 years of harassing to sell their house in August 2010. One month after, during their vacation, firemen called them to tell them that their house had completely been destroyed by a fire.
Stuttes sues the neighbor for trespassing and conversion, intentional infliction of emotional distress and malicious harassment.


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