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Friday, 19 May 2017 22:40

Lesbian police officer Ana Arboleda was promoted sergeant

Written by  E-Li

Ana Arboleda



The openly lesbian police officer Ana Arboleda has just been promoted to sergeant in the New York Police Department.

Proud of what she has accomplished in her career and in her personal life, Arboleda represents a fine example of success.

It was not always easy because when she told her mother that she was a lesbian, this one derided her as worse than a prostitute and forced her out of the house. Today in a happy relationship with a woman (photo), now promoted sergeant, Arboleda said she is happy.

"That idea, or that ideal, left my mind a long time ago," Arboleda told The News. "To me, it’s about my happiness. Whether she accepts it, or she doesn’t, I think that’s on her."

"If she does, good," she added. "If she doesn’t, good as well. I don’t need that part of my life anymore."

On the ceremony, she thanked the New York Police Department for accepting her as she is and for bringing her the love she had not received at home.

"I realized as I got older that family is not just blood," she said. "Family is the person there with you in good times and in bad times, and this department . . . allows me to grow, and I’m still growing.

"I see the department as a family."

Arboleda is also engaged as the vice-president of the Gay Officers Action League.

After a period during which she did not necessarily have contact with her mother, know that their relationship has improved a little.

Photo credit: Howard Simmons/New York Daily News


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