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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 01:01

Lesbian sheriff Guadalupe Valdez is running for Texas Governor

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Lupe Valdez


An extraordinary phenomenon is happening in Texas! 35 LGBT people are expected to run for public office in Texas according to OutSmart. This is a record of LGBT candidates in an election cycle!

The most notable candidate is Guadalupe “Lupe” Valdez, a 70-year-old lesbian sheriff who is running to become the new Governor of Texas.

Lupe is a woman who has been able to assert herself all her life. She became the first Latina Sheriff in Texas, which is a conservative state and opposed to immigration. She also became the first lesbian to hold a position in a state. And she is now running for the governorship. Yes, Madam.

“She ran for sheriff in a county that did not have a single countywide official that was a Democrat and hadn’t for 20 years. She ran against an incumbent sheriff. She did not have any experience running for office. Few people, if any, gave her any chance of winning,” recalled Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa.

Lupe has earned people's respect. She had won her first sheriff election with 51% of the votes. Two years later, the margin increased (55%). Then last year, she was reelected with 59%.

“She understands what those folks are going through, what they need, what their families are all about,” Hinojosa said.

First, she will have to win the Democratic primary that will take place on March 6. If she wins, she will run against current Texas governor, Greg Abbott. He's known for his anti-LGBT stance and policies. His priority is to adopt a policy that would prevent trans people from using public bathrooms.

She needs you. To win the election and become governor, Lupe Valdez will need all the support, both from the LGBT and the Latina communities.

Guadalupe's candidacy already brings hope. Imagine if she was elected. Go on Lupe, kicks Abbott's ass.

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