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Wednesday, 13 May 2015 16:51

Let's Replace Anti-Gay Billboards In Michigan By Equal Billboards!

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While the judges of the US Supreme Court consider the legalization of the federal equal marriage, its opponents in Michigan have sponsored anti-gay billboards.

One can thus read on these signs that «Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right.»

Electronic billboards also show an African American man or Latino man and you can read below: «Born Black» or «Born Latino», and another person with a rainbow face with the caption: «Not Born This Way» in reference to Lady Gaga's song «Born This Way.»

But all these signs would not be anti-gay signs, they would indeed not even related to the gay community, no, these are signs to promote religious freedom has said Mark Gurley, spokesman for Restrain the Judges, the group behind these ads.

«The issue here doesn't have anything to do, at the end of the day, with the gay community,» Gurley told WDIV. «It has everything to do with protecting freedom of religion.»

Someone could explain to me how is it possible to speak of homosexuality without having anything to do with the gay community, or should I say the homosexual community.

Yes, of course it is clearly anti-gay billboards, no one is stupid, except this group.

Ferman Smith was so shocked and disgusted by these billboards that he has decided to do everything to implement its own ad. It attempts to partner with organizations like «NOH8» and «Human Rights Campaign» but they did not respond, they are unfortunately well known for not acting directly. We contacted Smith by email to recommend organizations of LGBT activists that can help much better.

Otherwise, Smith has decided to launch a fundraising campaign to sponsor this equal billboard. In 5 days, he has already raised more than $8,000. If you want to stand up against this anti-gay, it's here:

Don't hesitate to act and to share the news!


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