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Maggie, 9, Dreams To Defend LGBT Rights And Strongly Urges The Congress To Legalize The Federal Equal Marriage

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While a judge recently repealed the equal marriage ban within his county, but the Supreme Court of Texas stayed his decision stopping issuing of same-sex marriage licenses.

While 24 hours elapsed between the decision of the Travis County judge and the decision of the Supreme Court of Texas, allowing the issuing of one marriage license to a lesbian couple from Austin, but the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the Supreme Court to rapidly consider the case illegal, Maggie, only 9 years old and living in this state, wrote to Congress to ask for the legalization of marriage equality and threatened it to keep writing if it refused.

Here's what Maggie wrote:

«Dear Congress,
Would you like it if someone wouldn’t let you get married to a person you loved of your own gender? No. So why are you not letting people do that? That needs to change, and it needs to change now. Would you rather me send letters all year? Or you listen the first time? Your choice.

You may wonder how a 9 year-old girl is found writing to the Congress. Well, in the family of Maggie, for Lent, each member has to find a new activity. Maggie chose to promote change. She first wrote to President Obama and then to the Congress.

But beware, Maggie has a real passion for LGBT rights. In school, all children had to answer the question: «what you would be like in 100 years?»

Maggie said she will have eaten 100 cupcakes and: «When I am 100 I would have done a lot of things helping LGBT rights.»

I don't know about you, but I love this girl!

Photo credit: Maggie's family