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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 22:45

Many Mormons Leave Their Church Following A New Anti-LGBT Policy

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In recent days, many Mormons leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints following the implementation of a new policy that prohibits a name and a blessing to "a natural or adopted child of a parent living in a same-gender relationship, whether the couple is married or cohabiting" until they are 18.

This policy also describes a person who marries a same-gender person as an "apostasy", which means a public and voluntary abandonment of a religion.

Attorney Mark Naugle had announced last week that he would help those wishing to leave the church, especially in the writing of the official letter of resignation necessary to leave the Mormon Church.

"There will be fourteen hundred people who won't be on the record, coming in the next 5 to 15 days, just from my end," Naugle explained during a phone interview with KIVI-TV. "I'm also attending a mass resignation event on Saturday, they're starting at City Creek Park, and I'll be going there with blank forms for everyone to fill out, and I think according to Facebook, there are over 1000 people that plan to attend."

This movement of rejection shows how the Mormon church is not in line with the rest of the country and the will of its members.

Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Mormon, announced in a Washington Post op-ed that she was leaving the church, denouncing the cruelty of this policy.

"It is impossible for me to be a part of a religion that would attack its own members and punish them by denying their children involvement in the church," wrote Kendell.


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