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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 01:01

Marriage Equality Bill In Maryland

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Last week, a bill concerning the marriage equality in Maryland was presented in the state senate, this week it has been introduced in the Maryland house of delegates.

This bill, sponsored by Rob Garagiola, needs 24 votes to pass to the senate. Apparently, 18 senates already cosponsors it.

"Same-sex couples are now free to marry in five states and next door in the District of Columbia as well as a dozen countries worldwide," said Freedom to Marry political director Sean Eldridge.

"And in each of these places, the sky has not fallen, and families have been helped, with no one hurt. Because there is no good reason to continue excluding same-sex couples from marriage, Freedom to Marry supports the work of our Maryland partners to pass the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act into law."

It will “End the exclusion of committed same-sex couples from civil marriage and protect the religious freedom of churches and synagogues.” said KUMAR Barve, majority leader who introduced the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act in the house.

The senate will vote next month then it will be the house's vote in March.


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