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Monday, 29 December 2014 16:45

Marriage Licenses Could Be Issued To Same-Sex Couples In Florida From January 6

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It could be that equal marriage is granted to same-sex couples in Florida.

Indeed, following the decision of Judge Robert Hinkle last August, who considered the equal marriage ban as unconstitutional, the same-sex couples could not marry because the clerks refused to issue them marriage licenses. It seems that their legal counsel had indicated that the judge's decision did not apply to them.

Following this confusion, the Washington County Clerk sought clarification. Can he or not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?

Judge Hinkle ordered the secretary of the Florida Department of Management Services to make a decision and to clarify whether the clerk of Washington is allowed to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

This decision could obviously have an impact on all of Florida. If the clerk of Washington is authorized to issue such licenses, other clerks of the state could be allowed to do the same.

If the decision is positive, the same-sex couples could start getting married on January 6.


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