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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 17:55

Maryland Gay Marriage Bill To Be Studied By Two Committees

Written by 

Michael E Busch

In Maryland, the House Speaker requested that 2 committees instead of one studie the marriage equality bill what may push the bill to be passed.

Washington Post reports House Speaker Michael E. Busch said the decision would allow more delegates to closely examine the controversial measure, which died unexpectedly on the House floor last year after narrowly passing the Senate.

But other people are opposed to this process because it would seem in the past, when bills have been "jointly referred" to two committees, House leaders have used a majority vote from just one panel as justification to send legislation to the floor.

For Busch, it makes sense to have the Health and Government Operations Committee examine it as well, given that panel’s history of weighing civil rights measures. Aides have acknowledged that support for the same-sex marriage bill appears stronger on that panel.

"I think it clearly falls under the jurisdiction of both committees," Busch said, adding that the real fight this year again will be focused on the full House. "Whether it’s assigned to one committee, two committees or three committees, it doesn’t change the dynamic of what needs to be accomplished if the bill is going to be passed."


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