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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 22:50

Maryland Governor Will Push Gay Marriage Bill

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The Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, announced he will push to pass the bill to allow marriage equality next year.



First of all, the bill will be changed in order to protect the religious liberty.

O' Malley explained that "one of the things we’re looking at in the drafting is how their clauses with regard to religious freedom were different from ours. That might improve our efforts. And I certainly plan to be very active in support of it, and we’ll have other announcements in upcoming months."

The governor specified that the legislation will be one of his priorities:

"There are times in Annapolis when a governor’s support can move an issue over the goal line.... This is one of those issues that can be resolved, as New York showed, with proper protections in place for religious freedoms," O' Malley said.

The legislature is not ready yet but Senator Richard Madaleno, openly gay, said he thinks "there are many people who are hopeful that the governor will decide to introduce this bill next year."

"The governor is interested in understanding the differences in the bill that passed the Maryland Senate, the new law enacted in New York and what religious exemptions are elsewhere in the country."



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