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Monday, 15 April 2019 00:50

Massachusetts approves the “conversion therapies” ban

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conversion therapy


Last Monday, Massachusetts became the 16th State to prohibit “conversion therapies” to minors.

Indeed, Governor Charlie Baker has signed the bill HB 140 into law to ban “conversion therapies” that you also know as “ex-gay or reparative therapy”.

Last March, the House approved the prohibition with a 147-8 vote. The Senate then passed the measure unanimously (34-0).

Democrat State representative and primary sponsor of the bill, Kay Khan, said:

“After many years of hard work and advocacy, I am so excited that today, Massachusetts became the 16th state to finally ban conversion therapy for minors. At last, LGBTQ youth in Massachusetts are now finally protected from harmful and abusive practices.”

In 2018 alone, many States banned gay cures across the U.S., such as Washington, New Hampshire and more recently New York and Puerto Rico.

The “conversion therapies” ban “will ensure that children receive therapy in a healthy, evidence-based, and medically sound manner, not one which fosters an atmosphere of self-hate, prejudice, and intolerance,” Representative Khan told WBUR. “Massachusetts has always been a trailblazer in advancing civil rights and eliminating discrimination in healthcare settings for the LGBTQ community. This bill is a necessary extension of these historic commitments.”

It should be noted that Representative Sean Maloney also introduced a bill on a federal level in late March to put a curb on “conversion therapies” by prohibiting the use of Medicaid funding.


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