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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 18:16

Maybe The Beginning Of The End For Exodus International

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Exodus International

The president of the anti-gay organization, Exodus International, organized a meeting whose subject was how to keep Exodus International from social and financial oblivion?

As reports Ex-gay watch, the past couple of years have seen Exodus cut it’s staff, lose key alliances, and suffer from a general moderation in American views toward homosexuality.  So difficult has this been for them that they have increased efforts abroad where there exists less formal opposition to their message — that living a gay affirming life is sinful, wrong and unhealthy, and change is the only way to truly please God.

Furthermore, financially if the organization continues to function like at present, Exodus International will be just a bad memory soon.

Currently, the organization thus seeks the miracle solution and I hope they do not find it even if announcements should be made in a conference in January 2012 which seems more a desperate approach to make publicity than real changes.

As concludes Ex-gay Watch: In the coming months when you hear of changes from Exodus, or some event that seems heartfelt and spontaneous, or whatever this re-branding may eventually consist of, remember what got the ball rolling — money.


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