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Friday, 16 September 2011 21:25

Meeting With Bachmann's Officer To Talk About Anti-Gay Bullying In Schools

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Tammy Aaaberg, mother of a student who committed suicide vis-a-vis perpetual bullying of other students, met Michele Bachmann and requested from her to denounce anti-LGBT bullying publicly.

Aaaberg with three students from the Anoka-Hennepin School District and two antibullying advocates, provided a petition with 141,000 signatures inviting Bachmann to speak about bullying in school.

"I think Congresswoman Bachmann is in a leadership role to speak out against bullying," especially now that she is running for the GOP presidential nomination, Aaberg told Associated Press.

"I’m not asking her to change her beliefs. But all kids should be protected in school."

Aaberg, in particular, mentioned the problem of the schools' policies which do not do anything to fight against bullying.

"I talked about how, when I was a student, I got harassed and bullied, and that I believe that staff weren’t responding as well as they should have," Anderson,one of the three students, said, "I can’t count a single day since middle school where I didn’t hear ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘fag.’ And I remember a student saying gay people should just go kill themselves, and the teacher just told them to be quiet."

"I just do not know how we never will obtain at the point of tolerance zero, and means what it? Which will be our definition of the intimidation? Will it obtain at the point where we completely choke the free speech and the expression? It will mean that which form of behavior will be there - we will expect that the boys are girls?" Bachmann said in 2006.


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