Wednesday, 04 May 2011 22:56

Minnesota Senate Committee Passed Gay Marriage Ban

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A project of law has just been voted in Minnesota to ban gay marriage of the state's constitution.

By a vote 8-4, the bill passed and unfortunately, the full Senate as well as the House are held by republicans, so it seems that next year, the ban of marriage equality will be part of the Minnesota's constitution.

Supporters said the constitutional definition of marriage is important enough to give the final say to voters, rather than elected officials or judges reports the Startribune.

"If same-sex marriage is mandated by the state, it will mean that Christians and people of conscience of other religious traditions will be labeled and treated like pariahs," said the Rev. Tom Parrish, pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.

So we are the pariahs I suppose?

"Are we going to change the Constitution to pick certain religious views and put them out there?" asked Senator John Marty. "When I say the Bible that I read encourages same-sex marriages, a number of your witnesses would be bothered by that. They read it differently, and they have a right to."