Wednesday, 06 April 2016 23:29

Mississippi: Senators Approved The Religious Protection Bill

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Let's be briefly back to the religious protection bill that was debated in the Senate of Mississippi just to tell you that the senators approved the House Bill 1523, which prevents the government to prosecute any person or business that does not want to serve LGBT people.

The senators approved the bill by a vote of 32-17.

Republican Lawyer Briggs Hopson said after the vote that it had been for him the most difficult moment of his career, however, he still voted yes in the end, a choice he justified by the pressure of the churches.

Hopson, which appears here a little naive, has even indicated that for him it was not a discriminatory law because he trusted the officials not to refuse to serve LGBT couples.

This law must allow people practicing a religion to be able to do freely without being forced to go against their principles.

We know that officials, not all, but there will be a few who will benefit from this law to discriminate against us if it is ultimately adopted.

Let's keep hope. We saw that Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia governors put their veto on similar bills.