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Tuesday, 04 September 2018 23:30

More and more gender-neutral restrooms installed in the North Kansas City School District

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In the North Kansas City School District in Missouri, Rising Hill Elementary and Northview Elementary have installed gender-neutral restrooms.

"We had such positive feedback from students, teachers, and parents," said Rochel Daniels, the district's executive director of organizational development. "Since then we have decided to replicate the concept in any new construction."

A district team of parents and students designed these new gender-neutral bathrooms.

"The restrooms became a point where we can provide for all students. The design was a decision based on privacy, safety, and security for all students," Daniels explained.

Indeed, these new restrooms will allow more privacy and security. Each one has floor-to-ceiling stalls with locking doors to assure student privacy.

In addition to these two schools, a gender-neutral design was also installed in renovated bathrooms at two sixth-grade centers and at North Kansas City High School.

North Kansas City School District doesn't have a specific policy for transgender students, but has a non-discrimination policy. However, there is no doubt that these non-gender bathrooms will be perfect for all students.


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