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Friday, 18 April 2014 21:23

Nevada Republican Party Decided To Stop To Oppose Marriage Equality

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Republican flag


The Republican Party of Nevada decided not to be opposed to marriage equality any more because this opposition dissents from their philosophy of more freedom and less government. And there is now a campaign to change the anti-gay language in the national GOP platform.

According to The Daily Beast, a group called Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, which includes Margaret Hoover, Abby Huntsman, Meghan McCain, and Tyler Deaton, announced Wednesday that they are launching a $1 million campaign to eliminate harsh language and replace it with unifying framing, while still respecting differing views on marriage within the party.

In the long term, they wish that the entirety of the Republican Party reforms its policy. In light, one does not have to expect that the republicans unite with us in the battle for equality but there could nevertheless be less opposition.

A recent survey showed that 60% of Republicans of less than 30 years old support marriage equality.


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