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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 00:26

New Governor Of North Carolina Roy Cooper To Fight Discrimination

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roy cooper


During his investiture ceremony, Roy Cooper, the new governor of North Carolina, announced his intention to fight against discrimination.

This is no surprise since as a candidate, he had already referred to his will to cancel the anti-LGBTQ policies signed by former governor Pat McCrory.

"When a law attempts to make any North Carolinian less in the eyes of their fellow citizens, I will fight it. I will stand up for you if the Legislature cannot or will not," Cooper said.

We will of course follow what is happening in North Carolina and in particular concerning the HB2 law which prevents trans* people from using public bathrooms according to their gender. Last month a first attempt to repeal the law failed, but only because the Republicans had introduced a moratorium deemed by the defenders of LGBTQ rights as a new way to limit the protection of people by local authorities.


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