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Monday, 19 October 2015 16:48

New Hampshire May Soon Ban "LGBT Conversion Therapies" To Minors

Written by 

Eric Schleien


While legislators in New Hampshire must meet again next January, the Republican state representative Eric Schleien wants to ban therapies to "change" sexual orientation he described as dangerous.

"I think our culture grows stronger when we're able to accept different people's lifestyles and treat people with honor and respect. I don't think that's that radical," Schleien said. "You can't convert people's sexuality. I think most people get that."

Already some lawmakers think that this law could undermine religious freedom and parental rights. It is sure that torturing children and push them to commit suicide thereafter, it's much better!

Schleien said the law would, in any case, suppress freedom of expression or religion. He also added about parental rights: "Just because you're under 18 doesn't mean that someone owns you to the point they can harm you."

If the bill is approved, New Hampshire would become the fifth state to ban conversion therapies after California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois and Washington, DC.

Photo by Jim Cole


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