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Thursday, 24 February 2011 01:27

New Step For Maryland Marriage Equality Bill

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For the moment, all is going well in Maryland, the bill concerning the marriage equality in the state has just been voted by 25-22 and will be the object of a third reading.

During this second reading, which was less long than envisaged, Senator Jamie Raskin, a Democrate of the county of Montgomery, held the discussion in favor of marriage equality bill wishing to remove the expression “religious freedom” in the title of the law because it was concentrated on legalization of the gay marriage:

“We are for marriage that includes everybody,” said Raskin. “Those people don’t say, ‘Will you gay marry me?’ or ‘Will you same-sex marry me?’ They’re asking, ‘Will you marry me?”

At the end of the discussion, President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., suggested that his/her colleagues started to carry the proposals for an amendment going a little bit too far.
That's why there will be a third reading which this time will be the last one. It is planned for Friday.


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