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Friday, 24 June 2011 16:28

New Study Shows LGBT People Are Not Out At Work

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A new study shows that many LGBTQ employees are not out at their work and as a consequence, it increases a job dissatisfaction.

According to the Center for Work-Life Policy, who did this study asking 2.952 people, 48% of LGBT people are not out at their work.

73% are closeted to quit their job in the three years.

40% of those who said they are not out at their work are also "less likely to trust their employer" than LGBTQ people who talked about their sexual orientation.


Todd Sears, advider on the study, said the "study clearly shows that there is still a tremendous gap between implementation of LGBT-friendly policies and the ability and decision of employees to come out at work."

"For us to move forward, it is going to take gay leaders sharing their coming-out stories and straight leaders going beyond statements of support to action, to put real faces to the discussion. Only then will companies truly get the best out of their LGBT employees and win the support of the LGBT community and marketplace,"he added.


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