Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:52

New study shows that marriage equality laws prevent the suicide of 134,000 LGBT teens

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A study shows that it gets better for LGBT youth if their state legalizes marriage equality.

Indeed, you may remember the wave of suicides which took place a few years ago within our community, especially among teenagers.

Anti-gay policies of cities, or more generally of states, have always been responsible for this unhappiness felt by young people. Unfortunately, governments never wanted to make the link between the two. From now on, they will only be able to see their responsibility in the death of many teens.

A new study proves that if a state adopts an equal marriage law, the number of suicides among LGBTQ teens decreases (ie -14%).

Public health researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, who conducted this study, say that all laws for which the LGBT community fought between 1999 and 2015 saved an enormous amount of lives in the United States.

They believe that a law allowing same-sex couples to marry prevents 134,000 teenagers from committing suicide.

The impact of a positive change in legislation is also explained by the lack of a suicide prevention program focused on LGBT youth. Associations like It Gets Better or The Trevor Project try to remedy this especially in schools.