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Thursday, 17 February 2011 02:27

No Legal Protections for Lesbian Employees In Virginia

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The House of Virginia refused a law which allowed legal protections for gay state employees.

Last year, already, a similar procedure had failed.

"I can't pretend it's a surprise," McEachin said of the vote. "It's still a disappointment."

According to the Washington Post "the same subcommittee also killed a bill that would have allowed public colleges and universities to offer employees the ability to extend their health coverage to their unmarried partners, including gay partners."

Everything started when Gen. Ken Cuccinelli wrote a letter to all the universities saying that “ in the absence of a decision by the General Assembly to write protections for the homosexuals in the law, they could not include the language treating with sexual orientation in their campus non-discrimination policies.”

Gov. Bob McDonnell published then that the state does not discriminate, because of sexual orientation, and that employees who violate the policy can be disciplined.

"Proponents note that without a change in law, employees cannot sue if they have faced discrimination."



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