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Thursday, 24 November 2011 18:17

NOM's Allies Names Will Continue To Be Released In Washington

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Protect Marriage Washington will not obtain from the Supreme Court to keep names of anti-domestic partnerships voters secret.

All started a few months ago when Protect Marriage, an organization which is affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage which claims to be victim of a LGBT harassment, tried to repeal domestic partnerships law in the state of Washington. They had launched a petition, referendum 71, which had brought a vote of the public but, lack of chance for them, the public voted to keep the law.

Shortly afterwards, Seattle Weekly decided to publish on its Website the names of those who had signed referendum 71 and who are thus opposed to domestic partnerships, around 100,000 names.

Protect Marriage wanted that a court decides that the list of names stay secret, they do not even assume their choices. First, a lower court ruled that the names were part of the public record and then, the Supreme Court refused to block release of names as reports the Seattle Post-IntelligencerSeattle Post-Intelligencer. Once again it is flunked!

It would seem it is not the first case that NOM and its allies have lost.


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