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Friday, 11 November 2016 01:50

North Carolina Anti-LGBTQ Governor Pat McCrory May Not Be Re-elected

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Pat McCrory


It seems that Pat McCrory, governor of North Carolina who had signed into law HB2 preventing transgender people from using the bathrooms corresponding to their gender, was not re-elected. I am cautious at the moment because the results remain to be confirmed and there are only a few votes of difference between him and the Democrat candidate Roy Cooper.

Since the passage of this law, North Carolina and its inhabitants have found themselves in a rather catastrophic situation, particularly from an economic point of view, as many companies have decided to settle elsewhere and many events have taken place in other states as opposed to this law. And Cooper had focused his campaign on his intention to repeal the law if elected.

For now, the New York Times announces Cooper wins with 2,281,155 votes against McCrory, who would have obtained 2,276,383, but it would appear that there are provisional ballots that will be counted a little later in the month.

Cooper, who already sees himself as a winner, said: "This has been an extremely hard fought race, but the people of North Carolina have spoken and they have chosen a change in leadership. We are confident once the results are certified we will confirm tonight’s victory."

He also added that HB2 would be repealed upon taking office in January.

The President of the Human Rights Campaign Chad Griffin is obviously delighted with this possible victory:

"While we still await national results, Pat McCrory’s historic defeat is a beacon of hope for equality. Tonight voters said that HB2 and the politics of hate have no place in the state of North Carolina. As businesses and jobs fled the state and McCrory’s poll numbers fell, anti-equality groups rallied to his side, spending millions of dollars to bolster his faltering campaign. And we met them head on. Through our TurnOUT NC campaign, we launched the largest voter mobilisation effort in our organizational histories."


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