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Tuesday, 16 June 2015 16:24

North Carolina Approved A Law Allowing The Discrimination Of Same-Sex And Straight Couples Wishing To Marry

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Lawmakers in the House of North Carolina decided by a 69-41 vote that some officials may refuse to perform same-sex marriage because of their religious beliefs.

As I recently explained to you, opponents of equal marriage have tried and managed to override the veto of Governor Pat McCrory.

The Senate had previously approved the bill. With the vote of the House, this is now a law which will enter into force, and will allow these officials not to perform any kind of marriage for a period of six months.

This will be a big mess for all couples wanting to get married, and not just for same-sex couples as some straight couples could find themselves discriminated as well.

As for the other straight couples, the period could be so long that it would be best to go into another state.

Indeed, according to The New York Times, the law, which takes effect immediately, allows magistrates, along with assistant and deputy registers of deeds, to refuse to perform a marriage without facing punishment or charges of willfully failing to discharge their duties. Court officials who disclose a religious objection must stop performing all marriages for at least six month.

Noah Feldman explains more accurately that the law's language would allow a magistrate to refuse to preside at an interracial marriage or an interreligious one, provided the marriage violated the official’s religious beliefs.

The ACLU is not yet clear whether the decision of the Supreme Court, even positive for us, will change this law. It is still too early.

Nevertheless, it is clear that equal marriage is still legal in North Carolina and that if you come across an officer who has no objection to your marriage, you will have no problem.


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