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Monday, 31 July 2017 21:53

North Carolina law still allows discrimination of LGBTQ people

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A few days ago, the Senate approved the anti-trans bill in Texas. As you know, a similar bill existed in North Carolina, but the battle continues. A lawsuit is under way. A few days ago, two other complainants, ACLU and Lambda Legal, joined. They rightly assert that the law that replaced HB 2 is still discriminating against LGBT people.

To fully understand, HB 2 bans transgender people from accessing bathrooms based on their true gender identity in government buildings, or any other facilities.

HB 2 also prevents all cities and counties in North Carolina from enacting nondiscrimination laws against LGBT people.

HB 142 replaces HB2. Legislators approved it last December and then Governor Roy Cooper signed it.

At the time of signing, Cooper indicated that HB 142 would no longer allow the state to ban "the use of multiple occupancy bathroom facilities in accordance with gender identity."

But ACLU and Lambda Legal believe that the language of the law is not precise enough and that transgender people can still be criminally prosecuted for the use of facilities.

"The resulting uncertainty about whether they could be arrested or suffer other adverse consequences means that transgender individuals cannot safely use single-sex, multiple-user restrooms in government-controlled buildings in North Carolina," the complaint states.

Also, HB 142 still does not allow cities and counties to be able to enact new anti-discrimination orders to protect LGBTQ people until December 1, 2020.


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