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Monday, 12 September 2011 21:43

North Carolina Lawmakers Said Yes To Constitutional Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage

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North Carolina

It is today that the lawmakers of North Carolina were to study an amendment to ban gay marriage of the state's constitution and that's a bad news.

Not only the discussion was done but also the decision, the republicans lawmakers supported this amendment which is from now on in the House.
It is possible besides that the House votes as of today.

Equality North Carolina indicated that it delivered almost 50,000 signed postcards from constituents to state legislators with one powerful message: "Keep Discrimination out of NC."

"This overwhelming number of constituent messages shows that North Carolinians are opposed to the distracting and divisive anti-gay constitutional amendment," said Equality North Carolina executive director Alex Miller.

The organization also envisaged a rally Tuesday near the General Assembly Legislative Building in Raleigh (more information on the event).


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