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Wednesday, 04 July 2012 15:22

One Of The Initiatives To Repeal Washington Gay Marriage Has Failed

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The attempt to over turn the gay marriage law in Washington called Initiative 1192 has failed.

Stephen Pidgeon, the sponsor of this first initiative against marriage equality, did not succeed in collecting the number of signatures required to have a vote in November.

"I hate to say it … but we’re just not going to cross the threshold. We’re not going to make it. This measure is not going to be on the ballot," Pidgeon told The Olympian.

However, there will be a vote on November 6th called Referendum 74 (R-74) because another initative, carried out by religious activists, succeeded.

R-74 will ask voters if they want to ratify or reject Senate Bill 6239, which passed the Legislature this year and would make Washington the sixth state plus the District of Columbia to recognize gay marriages.


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