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Thursday, 18 August 2011 23:48

Only 9 Couples Got A Civil Union In Rhode Island

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In Rhode Island, remember that marriage equality didn't pass and then, a few weeks after, civil unions were legalized. But how to be satisfied with this civil union whereas the goal was to obtain the right to marry? Only 9 couples get civil unions in its first month.

"If it had been marriage people would have been lining up," said Dawn Euer, a spokeswoman for Marriage Equality Rhode Island. "People are holding out for marriage. They want true equality, not a made-up, bureaucratic, second-class status."

The legislators, to explain this little enthusiasm for the civil unions, prefer to say that people need time to know if they want or not to get it.

"Give it time," said Rep. Peter Petrarca. "It's summer. I'm sure we'll see an uptick once people start figuring it out and deciding what they want."

It seems that once again they do not realize that before gays and lesbians of Rhode Island did not have the right to have their relationships legally reconized, I think that they do not understand the meaning of these words "not the right to". They had largely the time to think about it.

We saw in New York, for example, the number of couples wishing to get married and recently, Mexico City indicated that 1.000 couples had been married in 1 year which means an average of 83 gay or lesbian marriages per month!

Gays and lesbians of Rhode Island want to get married not to get a civil union.

"It shows the debate is not about rights or benefits or privileges," Chris Plante, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage-Rhode Island, said. "The fact that gays and lesbians have not exercised this new right shows that the only thing they want to do is redefine marriage."

Then no, Mr Petrarca, there won't be more couples to get a civil union after the summer. Why? Quite simply because the fight is not finished. Equality of Rhode Island will push a legislation to legalized gay marriage next year.


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