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Thursday, 05 May 2011 00:26

Only For Lesbian Mothers

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When someone offers something only for straights, generally, nobody says it's a discrimination except us. Straights feel not concerned about it and say nothing, they are not even shocked. But when, suddenly, it's the opposite case, that becomes a big scandal! Karen Paperno dared! Yes, she dared to offer on products for baby a 10% reduction ONLY for lesbian mothers!

After wrote about it, Karen Paperno, heterosexual and commercial in Brooklyn, received threats and many complaints were deposited for sexism (yes, sexism).

"This is blatantly discriminatory," wrote Richard Sol, one commenter of the blog. "I wish godspeed to whomever sues these sexists."

She was accused to want to become rich in the name of sin, one even called her "a fat bull dyke who needs to get f***ed", she was qualified "heterophobic" and her act was conciderated as a hatred crime.

Where are straights when we are victim of homophobic people and hatred crimes?

And I'm sure that if Paperno made a reduction for women, nobody would have treated her of sexist!

Paperno did not do anything illegal.

A lawyer, Murray Schwartz said: "If she wants to offer a discount to a group she thinks is underprivileged, she’s entitled to," adding that customers don’t have the same rights as employees. "Retailers can basically do whatever they want."

There are reductions for students, retiree, people less than 12 years old, members, girls and not boys in bars in the evening and not in the day, for unemployed, on this product but not on that one,… so 10% for lesbian mothers, well why not?


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