Friday, 23 June 2017 22:24

Oregon recognizes a third gender

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One more good news from Oregon since this state became the very first to recognize a third gender.

As of July 1, Oregonians will be able to choose between three genders: M, F or X for their driver's license and for any other identity documents since the Oregon Transportation Commission approved this change.

This advance could not have been possible without Jamie Shupe who launched legal proceedings last year to be recognized as a non-binary person. Having this legal status, it opened the door to recognition for other people.

We must also thank all those who testified at the public hearings organized by the commission and who outnumbered the opposition.

Bisexual governor of Oregon Kate Brown welcomes this decision in a report:

"We must proactively break down the barriers of institutional bias," said Brown. She added that it is an important move toward creating "a society that upholds the rights, liberties, and dignity of each of its people."

California could also recognize a third gender very soon since the State Senate voted in favor of the bill on May 31. We are now awaiting the vote of the assembly since California has decided to pass by the legislative way.