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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 21:54

Pastor James David Manning Erected An Anti-Gay Sign Calling For The Stoning Of Homosexuals In The Streets Of Harlem

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The ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church is a very homophobic church in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. He distinguished himself in recent days by an anti-gay sign with an extremely violent message that said: «Jesus would stone homos – stoning is still the law.»

Pastor James David Manning has erected this sign without a license. Indeed, his church is classified as a historical monument so it must follow certain laws and the establishment of a sign, as explained Damaris Olivo of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, is subject to a permit which can then be accepted or rejected by the Commission.

However, precise Olivo, that it is not the content of the sign which was banned.

«Please keep in mind that the Commission cannot legally regulate the content of a sign, however, permits must be obtained for the installation of signage on landmark properties,» Olivo told DNAinfo.

«The commission’s first priority is to work with property owners to adjust violations.

«Usually the property owner works with staff to resolve the violations. In this instance unfortunately we have to issue a Notice of Violation because the property owner has not been cooperative.»


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