Friday, 07 October 2011 16:21

PETITION: Help A Lesbian Family And Their Daughter

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I was contacted by Amy asking a support for her family. They are victims of a man who tries by all the means of making them lose the guard of their daughter.

The man in question is the biological father of the child. He wrote many reports accusing Amy and Angela of sexually molesting her step-daughter and of a variety of abuses ranging from drugging her daughter to beating her, which is completely false!

The problem is that there is no physical act of violence towards the lesbian couple and so no means of stopping him in spite of harassing.

He has been banned from several local and state offices for his violent outbursts but he continues to harass and make false reports.

The couple, by, has just launched a petition and tries to collect 20.000 signatures. They would like to change the laws in Indiana to make false reporting in a divorce/custody case a felony that is prosecuted and also to recognize it as a form of child abuse.

The couple also states that he has now coached his daughter to lie to mandatory reporters because he has been told to stop filing false reports.
The court will ear the case Tuesday, show to the court that this has to stop and support this family by signing the PETITION (unfortunately, only US people can sign the petition).