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Friday, 04 November 2016 00:16

Pine-Richland School District Denies Access Of Bathrooms Based On Gender Identity

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juliet evancho


After a refusal of the school board to allow her to use the girls' bathrooms, Juliet Evancho and two other students filed lawsuit against their school district.

After complaints from parents, the school board voted in September a measure to block access to bathrooms and locker rooms to trans* students based on their gender identity, similar to the one in the state of North Carolina. This prevents Juliet to use the girls' bathrooms within the Pine-Richland School District in Pennsylvania.

"This is my senior year. I should be worried about what college I’m going to, not what bathroom I should be using," she said.

"I’m a teenager. I have teenage problems that any normal teenage girl would have, and now I have these issues with the school."

Juliet's mother expressed concern for the safety of her daughter in school:

"One of their biggest concerns was, 'What are you going to do to ensure the safety of my daughters when a transgender female is using the restroom?' And now, I’d like to know what the school district is going to do to ensure the safety of my transgender daughter when she has to walk into the men’s room," she said.

Meanwhile, Juliet said she wanted to do everything before leaving to improve the environment in this school for future transgender students who come after her.

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