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Monday, 06 June 2011 22:16

Police Accused Of Trying To Turn A Lesbian Straight

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Amanda Bookers, a young lesbian, accused police officers from the county of Bartow in Georgia. They decided to drive her to evangelists "to cure" her homosexuality when they were supposed to drive her to the hospital to cure her addiction for drugs.

Bookers' family have contacted the police to drive the young woman to the hospital, following the indications of a judge, but the police officers did not follow what the judge asked and drove Bookers to see 2 evangelists. She finally escaped, she came back to her mother, the police officers found her and even wanted to arrest her without any mandate. Fortunately, the press was contacted and the police has to stop.

Of course, the police officers try to make good figure by claiming this story was invented by the young girl.
One of the police officers said he never heard anything so "stupid".

According to the charge, "throughout the procedure, it was considered as normal to punish people because they were gay (...) to bully gays in police custody (...) and to try to stop their gay relationships."

That surely will be difficult for Amanda Bookers to prove what she said is true. The police officers can of course said she was in a fit of drug and are there some witnesses?



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