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Friday, 20 April 2012 21:33

Police Officer May Be Fired Because She Is Lesbian

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bogota police

It would seem that a city, Bogota, wants to fire a police officer for "bizarre and outlandish" behavior, or maybe for being lesbian.

Catherine Elston, Regina Tasca’s attorney, said she would establish that Tasca, who is openly gay and the only woman on the force, had been targeted by various members of the Police Department during her career as reports The Record.

The city, represented by Raymond Wiss, said Tasca’s termination is warranted based on two incidents in April 2011 in which she is accused failing to help an officer, Jerome Fowler, who was attacked by a drunk woman (Tasca drove the drunk woman to the hospital. A few minutes after her arrival at the hospital, the drunk woman attempted to leave the emergency room, Fowler ran after her, Tasca didn't do it and Fowler was attacked by the drunk woman). Admittedly, she was supposed to take care of the woman but she said she thought everything was under control.

According to The Record, Elston asked Fowler whether he knew Tasca was gay. He said he hadn’t known until Monday night, when WPIX aired a segment about the case. Elston asked him about a 2010 Christmas card, which he addressed to "Mr. Regina Tasca." lol

In the second incident, she would not have tried to restrain one of two Ridgefield Park officers who responded to a call for assistance for an emotionally disturbed person at the home of a borough councilwoman.

Do you really think it is enough to fire her?

Now, Tasca faces 13 charges, including failure to perform the duties of her rank, incapacity either through mental or physical or gross ignorance of laws, conduct unbecoming of an officer and failing to assist other members of the department.

She was suspended with pay last May, after a department-ordered psychological exam found her unfit for duty.

Hearings continue.


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