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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 00:14

President Obama And LGBT Rights

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The New Yorker proposes an assessment on the victories of the LGBT community and on President Obama.

Now that Don't ask Don't tell policy is just a bad memory for gays and lesbians, that gay marriage is possible in New York, other good news should follow.

First, the marriage in California could be back. The New Yorker explains "in Perry v. Brown, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is being asked to address a lower court decision striking down California’s voter-approved Proposition 8. If the court upholds the earlier ruling, it would restore same-sex marriage in California, making that right available to a total of almost twenty-five per cent of all Americans, in seven states and the District of Columbia.

Gill v. Office of Personnel Management, which is before the First Circuit, asks whether the Defense of Marriage Act should be declared unconstitutional. That law prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages legally preformed in states which allow them.

The Supreme Court would likely hear final appeals by 2013."

In addition, even if all LGBT groups do not support this approach, Love Honor Cherish decided to try to collect 807.615 signatures before May to push the repeal of Proposition 8 in the 2012 Ballot.

Then, we don't have to forget the most direct way, the legalization of gay marriage at the federal level.

The New Yorker's journalist wrote that "the potential for those decisions, together with a rapid change in public opinion in favor of marriage equality, have clearly become factors in President Obama’s thinking. As a result, I believe that he will announce his support for same-sex marriage before the 2012 election."

He then added that "until now, the President’s position has been based on political expediency. He has tried to have it both ways. He articulated a kind of a “separate but equal” policy—in support of “full rights” without endorsing marriage. This may have provided a useful middle ground for a brief period, but it has now outlived its usefulness. Plus, most believed that the President was being disingenuous, since he actually supported same-sex marriage before he opposed it.

Obama wouldn’t be doing this to energize his gay supporters. He accomplished that with the repeal of Don’t ask, Don’t tell and with new Justice Department policies that put the government on the side of equality advocates. Moreover, gay voters understand and dread all of the Republican alternatives." (...) "But now, the remarkable new reality for Obama in this election is that supporting marriage equality is smart politics. A majority of independents and young voters already favor equal marriage rights. These are important voting blocks, and a key part of the President’s reëlection strategy. Support for gay rights will also help him energize liberals in the Party and others who think he has not acted boldly around core progressive issues such as immigration and the environment and on other civil-rights issues. Hard-right conservatives who strongly oppose marriage rights, meanwhile, will never support Obama anyway."

In clear, to support gay marriage could push Obama to be re-elected.

A few days ago besides, a gay couple married in New York has had the pleasant surprise to receive a letter from President Obama and his wife congratulating them. It would seem that it is the first time a president do this. Americans can apparently ask to receive letters of congratulations from the White House in the event of marriages, adoptions, births or birthdays but the couple had not asked anything. They were among the first couples to marry in New York.

The letter, dated 8 December, says: "Congratulations to you on this special occasion. Michelle and I hope it is blessed with love, laughter and happiness. Your union marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership as you share in the joys of your life together. I wish you the very best as you embark on your journey together and hope that your bond grows stronger with each passing year."


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