Friday, 11 March 2011 00:55

Report Talks About LGBT Finances

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How are finances of the LGBT movement in the United-States doing? A report shows that the collected funds are falling but they are optimaly used compared to anti-gay groups.

Movement Advancement Project (MAP) , who made this reports, concluded that in spite of a fall of American incomes in 2009, finances of the 39 larger pro-LGBT organizations and LGBT movement in general are always effective.

It specifies that these associations, which spend twice less than the ten larger anti-gay groups, make an optimal use of their funds. A majority of the money (around 79%) are allocated to programs and services for the community, which is better than American Philantropy Institute and Better Business Bureau, two authorities in the caritative world.

Less than 4% of LGBT adults donated to an organization in 2009. The fall of the incomes is mainly explained by the frilosity of the individual givers to donate. The number of small givers (less than 35 dollars given) remained stable while large givers (more than 1,000 dollars) passed from 16,570 in 2007 to less than 15,000.