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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 15:51

Republican Congressman Scott Taylor backs Equality Act

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scott taylor


A Republican Congressman has decided to support a bill to give protections for LGBT people against discrimination.

Earlier this year the Equality Act was reintroduced in the Congress to get protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity at the federal level. Well the Republican MP Scott Taylor has just openly backed this act.

So far only one Republican MP, around 200 Democrats in the House and 43 in the Senate support the Equality Act. It will take more support from the Republicans to hope to see this act approved so we are glad to see MP Taylor supporting the Act and becoming one of his co-sponsors.

"Discrimination anywhere is an injustice. I’m proud to support the Equality Act and will work to ensure that all are treated the same under the law," Taylor said.

Human Rights Campaign Government Affairs Director David Stacy said he was grateful to Scott Taylor:

"The growing support for the Equality Act by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents proves that LGBTQ equality is not a partisan issue.

"All Americans should have a fair chance to earn a living, provide for their families, and live their lives without fear of discrimination.

"We are grateful for Rep. Scott Taylor’s leadership and support for this crucially important legislation that will finally ensure LGBTQ people are protected from unjust discrimination."

Through a survey, we have recently seen that support for the equal marriage law and the acceptance of same-sex relationships are increasing, among Republicans too.


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