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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 16:35

Republican Party Closes The Door To Gay Candidate

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The openly gay and republican candidate, Fred Krager, will not attend the state's conference of the Republican party.

This conference which is intended to promote media interest will take place without Krager because it seems that there is no place available for him in the program anymore.

That's really weird because his campaign director had reserved a place which apparently disappeared and, when he called to reserve pretending to be another candidate, there was a place available.

Added to that, it is not the first time that Krager is not invited. Last February, he had not been able to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference as he told to the San Francisco chronicle.

Jimmy LaSalvia, director of GOProud, a republican organization who supports gay rights, thinks Karger is not a credible candidate:

"I would love for there to be an openly gay, credible candidate for president who was out there making a case for why they would be better than Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, Fred Karger is playing a stunt, and his stunt has run its course. His whole schtick is … running around the country with a rainbow flag, saying ‘I’m the gay guy.’

But he hasn’t made a case about why he should be president of the United States."


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