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Monday, 17 October 2011 23:03

Republicans Said We Don't Need More Legal Protections

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To defend the act of marriage, Republicans filled a lawsuit stipulating that gays and lesbians do not have to have the same legal protections accorded to other minorities because we are "not politically powerless."

Why to be politically powerful or not must prevent a person from being able to have health benefits? As DOMA currently recognizes an union only between a woman and a man your partner will be ban from having health benefits.

An associated Press reports that lawyers for the US House of Representative’s Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, which will defend DOMA in front of the court, say that DOMA is constitutional under a lower court standard because gays and lesbians do not meet the requirements for groups which receive heightened protection from discrimination. Do they mean we are not discriminated !?!

They also ask the court not to order in favor of Mrs. Golinksi, a federal employee, who is fighting for her partner because the government does not want to provide her with health benefits.

They wrote: "A flow of the recent articles confirms only the conclusion that the homosexual ones are far politically from impotent. Consequently, gays and lesbians cannot be marked 'politically impotent' without draining this expression of all the significance."


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