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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 00:09

Rolling Hills Denied The Right For A Woman To Visit Her Partner

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rolling hills

Whereas a law allows from now on the visit of your partner when you are hospitalized, it would seem Rolling Hills Hospital in Franklin, Tennessee forgot the change of law when it prevented a woman to visit her partner.

Val Burke indeed has requested several times to visit her partner but the hospital excluded Val not regarding her as a partner or a family member.

"I went to visit her at the appropriate visiting time and was turned away," she says. "We have been living together for three years now, but that didn't matter to them either. The rest of her family is out of town, so she didn't have any one visit her."

However the law is clear, it is the patient who decides who can visit her if the hospital participate in Medicare and Medicaid and Rolling Hills participates.

Chris Sanders, chair of Tennessee Equality Project's Nashville committee, said:

"(This) is a very troubling report and it reminds us of the importance of this rule change that recently went into effect," he says. "When we are at our most vulnerable, we need to be able to choose who visits us in the hospital."

Apparently, the issue is now resolved and Val can visit her partner.


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