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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 01:13

San Francisco Adopts A Resolution To Oppose The Trump Administration On LGBTQ Rights

Written by  E-Li

san francisco


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution promising LGBTQ people that they will fight to resist the Trump administration.

Following the confirmation by Mike Pence of the repeal of the protections for LGBTQ people set up by Barack Obama and Trump's intention to legalize discrimination of LGBTQ people based on religion, members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are rebelling and voted a resolution so that LGBTQ people who live in San Francisco know that the city supports them. The Board of Supervisors stated in the resolution:

"There will be no conversion therapy, no withdrawal of rights in San Francisco.

"We began hosting gay weddings twelve years ago, and we are not stopping now. And to all the LGBTQ people all over the country who feel scared, bullied, or alone: You matter. You are seen; you are loved; and San Francisco will never stop fighting for you.

"We condemn all hate crimes and hate speech perpetrated in this election’s wake.

"That although the United States will soon have a President who has demonstrated a lack of respect for the values we hold in the highest regard in San Francisco, it cannot change who we are, and it will never change our values.

"We argue, we campaign, we debate vigorously within San Francisco, but on these points we are 100 percent united.

"We will fight discrimination and recklessness in all its forms. We are one City. And we will move forward together."


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