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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 21:40

She Will Go To The Prom Wearing A Tux

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Finally Monique Verdin, a young high-school girl, will be able to go to the prom wearing a tuxedo which had first been refused to her.

Apparently, attorneys have advised the officials of the school to accept that she wears this tux because in front of a court this position would be difficult to defend, the school indicated that the rule of the school was tux for the boys and dress for the girls.

“We are going to allow her,” high-schools supervisor Tony Authement said.

“It was an easy call,” said attorney Berwick Duval, who represents the School Board. “It’s a First Amendment issue.”

“It’s a good thing,” Verdin said. “They shouldn’t have put me through so much trouble like that.”

Daily comet Daily comet reports ACLU Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie Esman sent a letter to school officials throughout Louisiana on Friday explaining the organization’s stance on gender-specific clothing requirements and bans on same-sex couples buying tickets for proms. The letter said case-law supports gender-neutral rules and tolerance for diversity.

“I figured they might change their minds because of the letter they got from the ACLU,” Verdin said.

Esman said the ACLU had been considering its legal options when they heard about school officials’ change of heart.

She actually had no intention to bring her girlfriend to the prom as people older than 21 are banned, she was not trying to make a statement about sexual orientation, she just does not like wearing dresses.


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