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Thursday, 05 November 2015 18:12

Simone Bell Says Goodbye To Georgia Legislature But Will Continue To Work For LGBTQ Rights

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Simone Bell, who remains the first black and openly lesbian legislator in Georgia, will leave her position, but don't worry, we won't lose her.

Indeed, Simone Bell will not stop working for the community, it is even quite the opposite since she joined the LGBTQ rights group Lambda Legal as Regional Director in the Atlanta office to make even more.

"I am so proud of what Lambda Legal has accomplished, but my experience in the General Assembly tells me the work cannot stop. This is a particularly exciting time to be a part of Lambda Legal’s work in the South, challenging laws and public policies that discriminate across lines of sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status, income and race and to achieve full equality for all," she said in a statement.

Simone had been elected in 2009 in the east Atlanta district and managed to keep her place last year despite competition.

She has worked hard for equal marriage, for people living with HIV and other LGBT rights. She now continues all this with Lambda Legal.

There are still two openly gay members in the Legislative Assembly of Georgia which are State Representatives Karla Drenner and Keisha Waites, both Democrats.

Photo from Atlanta progressive news


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