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South Carolina Lesbian Moms Can't Get Social Security Benefits For Their Son Because They Are Not Recognized As Parents

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The son of a lesbian couple of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina found himself refused a social security to pay his medicines because his moms are lesbian.

Lisa and Melody Rawson have a son who suffers from several medical problems which require a treatment.

When they were living in New York, their son got a social security of $600 per month to pay his medicines but this family had to move in South Carolina because winters in New York became too hard for their son.

Lisa and Melody have had the bad surprise to learn that in South Carolina, the computer system does not recognize them both as parents and they cannot thus benefit from a social security for their son anymore.

Of course, they tried to contact the social security and other persons in charge but without success.

I'm appalled to hear this kind of thing, not you !?! They are always saying that it is necessary to think of the well-being of the children, that they should be protected from us,… but they couldn't give a damn!

I really hope that they will succeed in finding a solution.