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Thursday, 04 October 2018 16:26

Stephen F. Austin High School revised its policy to be more inclusive

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Austin High School


Stephen F. Austin High School in Texas replaced the homecoming king and queen by a homecoming royalty group to be more inclusive. A decision that is not unanimous among LGBT students.

Indeed, two lesbian couples wanted to run for homecoming king and queen but couldn't do it because of the school's policy.

"Because of who I love, I couldn't be a part of something that every other high schooler can be a part of," senior Cecilia McBride said.

"It turns out I can't run as king because I'm not male and neither can my friend," she added.

The two couples met a teacher and other nominees and decided to call for a better solution. The change was made very quickly except that the principal decided to replace the royal couple by a homecoming royalty group of four seniors. Two peers from the other grades will also be elected.

The two lesbian couples will be able to be elected but they regret that there is no more homecoming king and queen.

"I just hate that they had to change everything just for us because I'm not special. I don't need special treatment," said McBride.

"I feel like they are taking away our right to be represented as a same-sex couple," she said. "I'll just work with what I have and make things better for the future."

Austin High School's principal will allow LGBT people to be crowned, but it sucks to replace the homecoming couple with a royalty group.


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